Pneumonia is one of those diseases that we all are familiar with but know very little about it. It is respiratory condition in which one or both the lungs gets affected by inflammation and infection. The cause of it could be anything from bacteria, virus to fungi. In most cases the infection is bacterial. The treatment also depends upon the cause of it. The inflammation caused in lungs makes the inhaling of oxygen and exhaling of carbon di oxide difficult. So pneumonia is a very serious condition as it hinders the body’s capacity to deliver oxygen to the organs and this could even lead to death. So a patient with pneumonia should be dealt with extra care and precautions.

Symptoms of pneumonia are similar to those of cold or flu so it is usually goes unrecognized until it reaches later stage. So it is very important to know the very symptoms of pneumonia to save oneself from it. Here I am listing some symptoms that indicates pneumonia but you should always get a professional advice from a doctor.
•    Fever and shivering.
•    Chest pain and coughing.
•    Difficulty in breathing.
•    Greenish cough.
•    Skin color may also change as the blood is not getting full oxygen so it becomes purplish.
•    Nausea.

•    Ashtadashang Quath - 150 ml to be taken once daily in the morning. It is one of the most common medicine used for pneumonia in Ayurveda. And you can buy it from online medical store.
•    Talishadi churna, Yavakshara and Chandramrita - 6gm Talishadi churna, 1gm Yavakshara and 0.5gm Chandramrita should me mixed with 12gm of Lisora syrup and used as a linctus. You can buy this ayurvedic medicine online on online medical store (dot) com.
•    Narsar, Rasa Sindur, Shringrabhra and Shringa Bhasma - 240 mg of Narsar and 120 mg each of Rasa Sindur, Shringrabhra, Shringa Bhasma should be taken twice daily with ginger juice. You can buy online, these ayurvedic medicines on online medical store in India.
•    Mayor Pichha Bhasma, Swash Kasa Chintamani, Rock Salt, Kakarasingi Churna, Apamargakshara and Pippali Churna - 120mg each of Mayor Pichha Bhasma, Swash Kasa Chintamani, Rock Salt and Pippali Churna, 360mg of Apamargakshara and 5gm of Kakarasingi Churna should be taken with honey four times a day. And you can buy it from online medical store.
•    Dashanga Lepa can be used to massage on chest.
•    Visheshwar Rasa and Kasturibhairava in quantities of 120mg each and 180mg of Saubhagya Vati should be given six times with honey and cardamom powder.

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