Diabetes also known as ‘Prameha’ and ‘Madhumeha’ in Ayurveda, is becoming a more and more common disease in the modern age of easy and relaxing life. Every now and then we come to know new patients of Diabetes. Sugar or glucose in our diet, provides energy for our body but if the sugar concentration in our blood increases very much then it is not good for our body and this is known as Diabetes. Insulin is a hormone produced by our body to keep the sugar level in control. Diabetes happens if the body is not capable of producing insulin or if the body becomes resistant to insulin. As we all know about the side-effects from the conventional allopathic drugs, a safe and easy alternative like Ayurveda becomes more important. Ayurveda have been treating Diabetes since the time of ‘Charka’ and ‘Shush rut’. The knowledge and effectiveness of the Ayurveda can be understood by the fact that Ayurveda has classified Diabetes into 20 categories and Ayurvedic Diabetes cure are also described in detail.
Causes of Diabetes:
1)    Diet having high concentration of sugar
2)    Lack of exercise
3)    Mental stress and strain
4)    Excessive sleep could also be the reason

Remedies for Diabetes: 
If you want to fight diabetes then before taking any medicine you should change your diabetes lifestyle. You will have to do diet planning, as it controls the sugar intake of the body, and daily exercises which reduces the extra sugar in blood by burning it. You will also have to reduce and restrict weight, avoid smoking and sleeping during daytime. The stress should also be reduced by implementing Meditation and Yoga. It can be really helpful for some people. 
When it comes to AYurvedic medicines there are many herbs which are useful in Diabetes and you can buy Ayurvedic medicine online on sites like onlinemedicalstore.com very easily. There are several Ayurveda products online available on onlinemedicalstore.com which can help you to fight with Diabetes. The big advantage with Ayurveda is that the herbs used in it don’t have any side-effects so you don’t really need a very highly qualified doctor but you, yourself can deal with it. Below are some herbs which will help you in removing Diabetes:

1)    Jambhul, Eugenia jambolana (scientific name), from jamun core is very helpful.
2)    The bitter gourd is regarded as the best remedy for diabetes.
3)    Gurmar (Gymnema Sylvestre).
4)    Bel (Aegle Marmelos).
5)    Neem
6)    Shilajit

Some useful formulations:
1)    Chandrabrabha
2)    Arogyavardhini
3)    Asanad tablets
4)    Shilajit vati
5)    Trivanga bhasm
6)    Vasant kusumakar

In summation, Diabetes is not just a lack of insulin. Its most probable cause is plain poor maintenance of your body. Its cure will need to include all of those things discussed above. These Ayurvedic herbs are also available online where you can buy them any time you want and these Ayurvedic products online will get delivered to your house. By doing all diet, herbs, exercise and stress management we will be able to fight one single problem or disease Diabetes.